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Hartsville Hill Rd Accident   8/4/09

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The map doesn't do it justice, the first few miles are twisty and a lot of fun. Going from A to B the accident happened in the first left hand corner, this a view of  the corner looking down the hill in the opposite direction I was traveling:
This is a curve I have been through many a time, it sets up the following right curve nicely. At the apex of the curve I got on the throttle as I always do but this time the rear tire broke loose. Why? Here are some possible reasons:
1) Suspension set up was too stiff in the rear. Have been riding a lot of two up aggressively and the suspension worked fine for that. Without a rear passenger and trunk I was at least 150lbs light.
2) Something in the road. I don't believe this, but who knows.
3) Too much pressure in the tires, not enough warm up. The tires had 42psi in them, checked them 5 minutes before the ride. For aggressive riding 38 would have been more appropriate, was riding that fast. Did a couple of miles of weaving on a straight road to scrub the tires in and warm them up, maybe not enough.
3) Lack of  smoothness on the part of the rider. By far the most likely candidate. Abrupt throttle input overcame available traction, classic.
At any rate I suddenly found myseld looking at my left saddlebag at 60mph. I stayed on the throttle hoping to keep it up and the might Feej and I did a dance together for 60ft or so. At one point I thought I had it, which is the point where I must have high sided. I don't remember this, but the frame slider on the right side of the bike is gone:
so the bike slid on it's right side. My guess is that I got hurled off the bike in the high side and impacted on my right arm, this would explain the damage:
collar bone
see the bump on the right shoulder, that's a mildly separated collar bone. Right wrist is also swollen, so I would guess that is the impact side. Then there was some rolling and sliding on my part before I came to rest. From the sliding I got some rash on my left forearm:
There is also a quarter sized rash on my left knee. Not bad for how fast I was going!

This is where the frame slider caught the road on the way out
The bike hit this sign:
Flipped over so that it landed on the left side and facing downhill. This is conjecture, didn't see it happen, but it fits. I ended near the bike. I got up to turn off the ignition switch, which made me dizzy and nauseous. Once the ignition was off I had to lay back down. Someone stopped and called 911, I called Rose and off to the hospital we went.

The Gear:
Would definitely get another one of these, absolutely zero head/neck trauma.

Tourmaster Caliber pants
See the hole in the pants, they rode up, that hole is where I got the road rash on my knee :(
Stitching on the back blew out, unimpressive.
 All in all my lower body is in great shape, but I think I will be seeking out new pants.

Rev'It Sirocco jacket
Looks good?
In the circled part the threads pulled apart.
Forearm where all the rash is at, the coat didn't wear through or pull up:
The burn came from inside the coat.
Would I get another one? It did it's job, but is also an expensive coat. I will look at other ones.

Held Steve gloves
These gloves took a lot of abuse and show very little damage. The metal studs are ground down, some minor thread separation, otherwise they look new! I'm keeping this pair.
The boots don't have a scratch on them.

The Bike
There should be two saddlebags, and the one on there shouldn't have a gap in it.
That's an oil patch underneath it. :(
Pics from my insurance agent.
Bye bye Holeshots and oil pan :( Guess we know where the bike hit the post now.
Above we see a crack in the oil pan on the outside. The bike has a kill switch that shut it off when it tipped over, so theoretically a change of pan ...
Insurance estimates